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Bird with Rabbit hood, pencil drawn, inspired on Tufted Tit Mouse
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About our Atelier

Het Fabel Atelier is run by one human artist, Frederiek, and her imaginary animal friends, who offer endless inspiration and occasionally, relentless feedback. They also patiently pose for hours on end... basically they are indispensable!

When you get to know us, you will see a few permanent studio occupants such as FlyCatcher, an emotionally fragile bird, who is always blue about something, and Frog, precious Frog, ever in search of a cozy place to sleep or someone to hug. Both have promised to help out with the shop.

Most of our Visual Fables are inspired by the emotional experiences that come with living a human life. Other times Fables are born out of the need to express opinions about the impact of humans on each other, animal life or our planet. 

We chose Snail with Castle to represent us and our work. You will find it on original artworks and prints made at het Fabel Atelier. Snail has come to symbolise mindful progress in life, and its castle the importance of taking care of our home, ethically, ecologically and last but not least… esthetically.
We hope you will have a wonderful experience browsing through our artworks and products!
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